QAR Review for Training Providers

QAR Review for Training Providers


The Qualification Achievement Reports published by SFA are a key tool to allow you to understand how your organisation has performed and the national rates that apply to the frameworks you offer.

Due to changes in the achievement rate methodology, you may have found that your Achievement Rates for 15/16 were not what you were expecting.  The increase in the Minimum Standards threshold for Apprenticeships from 55% to 62% could also have a serious effect on your business.  FE Associates are pleased to announce a service to help you understand where these differences have arisen.

We can quickly analyse and report back on your data to provide you with the timely management information that smaller organisations sometime lack.  Our sector experts have a great deal of experience in providing straightforward, understandable reports that will help you in discussions with funders and other bodies.

For more information and a no obligation discussion contact: Steve Hewitt on 07500 090414 or

Notes for technical users

The main changes to the QAR calculations for 15/16 involve learners from previous academic years who were put on a Break in Learning but who have not returned for two years and/or have disappeared from your current data.  These learners now count as fails in the 15/16 data, whether they appeared in your 15/16 ILR or not.  This also applies to learners who were continuing in previous years, but did not appear in your 15/16 ILR. 

The increase in the minimum standard for Apprenticeships from 55% to 62%, signalled over a year ago, is the other main change and is likely to impact on providers offering a smaller range of frameworks.

The following SFA documents describe the changes:




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