What people say about us

What people say about us

What people say about us

"This is to confirm that I have the highest regard for Denise, as a senior professional and very recent, former colleague. She took over her original brief at Telford and clearly acceded all targets, she was given by the former interim principal and then with no notice, took over Apprenticeships, that were in dire straights, at that time, early in the 16/17 academic year. Nothing worked, or was in place, when Denise took over. Indeed much of the provision had resulted in upset employers with little or no trust in the college, weak and inaccurate audit and accounts and appalling low levels of performance.  Under Denise's leadership and with her considerable skills and energy, she ensured trust returned and performance massively improved by over 26% in a few short months. I would be delighted to work with Denise again, as her colleague and principal."  Telford College of Arts and Technology

 "Thanks so much for helping in the recruitment of our new FD.  The support offered by the team has been excellent. You will recall that one of the main reasons for using FEA was both for your knowledge of individuals within the sector, but also because we needed a smooth, efficient and effective recruitment to take place.  The service throughout was excellent. We have secured a credible, and excellent candidate that is not only technically competent but will be an excellent fit for the team."  MidKent College

"I recently had the pleasure of applying for a senior management post that was being managed by FEA. The team supporting the recruitment process were fabulous; from start to finish, they were professional, organised, prompt and diligent. I felt they were particularly supportive to the candidates, they worked hard to ensure that the prospective employer was able to secure the right person for the job and that the candidates had ample opportunity to decide if the job on offer was the right job for them.  The notion of the selection process being a two process was a lived experience. I felt that I was able to demonstrate my skills and personal fit for the job better than in most other recruitment processes I have experienced. When the opportunity arises, I will definitely use FEA to support me in recruiting new staff."  Candidate Feedback

"I am extremely grateful to FEA for employing me both as an interim and for then for later finding me full time employment in the FE sector. The FEA staff (both back office and consultants) are great to work with because they are all 100% reliable, pleasant and professional. I recommend them unreservedly and am sure that I will continue to use their services in the future. Thank you FEA."  Candidate Feedback

"Kate started at the college in January and due to her diagnostic and decisive nature very quickly identified the issues surrounding the faculty. She worked well with the learning coordinator and programme leaders, this meant that students study programmes were managed as a whole leading to significant impact on student attendance and overall success rates at the end of 2015-16. Clear objectives were set with staff, and performance management improved across the faculty at all levels. In conclusion Kate had a positive impact on all key performance indicators and leaves us in a better place."  Oldham College

"Parmjit is a very effective personnel and curriculum manager. Her professional knowledge - specialism, qualifications and managerial experience – coupled with her strategic awareness and the ability to apply this knowledge and experience make her a very effective interim curriculum manager. She is able to quickly assess a given situation and clearly communicate and consult on a range of options and solutions. Her interpersonal skills, dynamic energy and professionalism all combine in a can-do mentality which is both motivational and supportive of all of the people she works with. She is clear about the importance of setting and meeting targets and met every single objective that we set for her. I am happy to recommend her for other interim roles and would re-employ her tomorrow, if the need arose."  City of Westminster College

"Pat was very hardworking and conscientious. She managed a diverse area of work with responsibility for academic and support  services. In particular, she provided guidance and support to the curriculum manager with responsibility  for the delivery of cross college English  and maths, including Functional Skills."  West Thames College

"Barry is an experienced FE manager who as an interim manager is proactive and solution focussed to build on and support learner outcomes. Barry has a strong team-based ethic and has experience to develop and support subject teams, middle leaders and senior management teams. Barry is excellent at isolating issues and ensuring that appropriate interventions are put in place to support the student experience whilst meeting the corporate objectives and strategic plan. Barry also shares his previous  knowledge and experience with the team  which  is very valuable. Barry has been an asset to the college in his interim time at this college."  Doncaster College and University Centre

"Louise came into the department at a time of challenge and disruption, however, she demonstrated a calm approach aligned to professional knowledge and experience, showing a very pro-active, helpful can-do attitude which staff warmed to and very much appreciated. Louise displayed confidence in her dealing with staff and of her knowledge in her field of expertise, often showing a willingness to go above and beyond normal expectations. I am sure that Louise would be an asset within any organisation and I would have no hesitation in recommending her services."  Carlisle College

"Les has been great, he is self-starting and committed.  Les brings with him a wealth of FE sector knowledge and expertise at a senior management level but is not afraid of rolling up his sleeves and getting into the detail when this is needed."  PETROC

Working at FEA

"Working at FEA gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge & experience from my career in the FE & Skills sector. We’re encouraged to continually keep abreast of new initiatives & the changing face of FE." Denise Bishop, FEA Partnerships Management Consultant


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